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On the 20th and 27th July 2018,Faculty of Law (FOL} successfully organised two separate Legal Industrial Series of Talks,to impart the fruitful knowledge of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure subjects among its students and lecturers.

The first talk entitled 'Understanding The Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) And The Recent Amendments' was delivered by Datuk Baljit Singh Sidhu,a well-known and experienced criminal litigation lawyer who has appeared as Lead Counsel in numerous cases at all levels of the courts in West Malaysia. He co- founded Messrs. Shuker Baljit & Partners,Kuala Lumpur in 1997 where he is the Managing Partner. Heis also the author of the book "Criminal Litigation Process" and has written numerous articles in legal journals.

The speaker explained about the general background of the CPC in Malaysia and some basic ideas on the interpretations of the sectionsand schedules in it along with the recent amendments to it.

The second talks was entitled 'Registration of Foreign Marriages and Foreign Divorces of Malaysians: Is Registration a Requirement For Validity of A Malaysian Marriage,and for Dependancy Claims?' by Mr. Balwant Singh Sidhu,a leading family law expert with Balwant Singh Sidhu& Co.The talk covered on all the relevant provisions of the Law Reform (Marriages & Divorce) Act 1976 ("the LRA").The speaker also discussed on cases of dependency claims which touched on the marital status of the parties,section 34of the LRA,which provides for the legal effect of registration.

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