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MMU Lecturers Bag Awards at National e-Content Development Competition 2017

On 15 August 2017, MMU Lecturers bagged 8 awards at the National e-Content Development Competition (e-ConDev), organised by the Institute of Neo Education of Universiti Teknologi Mara at Shah Alam. The competition was to support the Massive Open Online Course (MOOCs) offered by 20 public universities in Malaysia, which was launched by Ministry of Higher Education in 2015.

MMU Participated in this competition through the domain of Creative Multimedia, IT, Engineering, and Law. The lecturers showcased 8 MOOCs across 6 faculties namely FCM, FCI, FIST, FOE, FET and FOL. The result of the competition was 2 Gold, 2 silver and 4 Bronze awards.

Please join us in congratulating the award winners as listed below:

GOLD Award
1. Mr. Kamarulzaman Russali (FCM) - Learn Creative Skills
2. Dr. Mardeni Bin Roslee (FOE) - TCP/IP for Networking System

Silver Award
1. Ms. Heidi Tan Yeen-Ju (FCM) - Introduction to Augmented Reality
2. Mr. Muhammad Asyraf Bin Mohd Pauzi (FCM) - Introduction to Augmented Reality
3. Mr. Imran Hazimin Bin Othman (FCM) - Introduction to Augmented Reality
4. Mr. Badrolhisham Bin Hashim (FCM) - Introduction to Augmented Reality
5. Mr. Tan Kong Cheng (FCM) - Introduction to Augmented Reality
6. Mr. Muhammad Syahmi Bin Abd Aziz (FCM) - Introduction to Augmented Reality
7. Dr. Wong Wai Kit (FET) - Attenuator and Amplifier

Bronze Award
1. Mr. Khairi Shazwan Dollamt (FCI) - Introduction to Computing Technologies
2. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd. Shohel Sayeed (FIST) - Web Techniques and Applications
3. Dr. Wong Wai KIt (FET) - Fundamental of Operational Amplifier
4. Mr. Muhammad Nor Bin Abdurrahim (FOL) - Law & Human rights in Malaysia

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- 18 Sep 2017