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RICES Succeeds in Nurturing and Feeding Innovations amongst MMU Community

The MMU Research Innovation Commercialisation & Entreprenuership Showcase (RICES) is an initiative under the Research & Innovation Division that took place at MMU Cyberjaya on 15 November 2017. This year, the theme is Towards Industry 4.0 Solutions. The goal of the RICES event is to enable new collaborations to take place and strengthening existing professional ties in MMU. Over 300 projects across MMU's niche domains ranging from vital research to venture creations were showcased this year. The event kicked off with welcoming speech from the Vice President of Research & Innovation Prof. Ir. Dr. Hairul Abdul Rashid and launched by Mr Mahadhir Aziz of Futurise Centre.

Alongside RICES event was the Global Entreprenuership Week (GEW) that occurred accross one week between 13-19 November 2017. As MMU sturdily emphasizes on entreprenuership amongst students, staff, alumni, it gives us great pride to have been part of this prominent annual global initiative. The highlight of the GEW is the Pitch Den where it is a platform for ventures within the university ecosystem to have opprtunities to pitch for possible recommendation for funding and / or acceleration.

Throughout the day, participants were at their respective booths, showcasing their innovations and commercialization projects.

MMU would like to congratulate all participants and award recipients for their unwavering efforts and groundbreaking innovative ventures. Overall, the RICES gloriously emerged as a platfomr for great minds to come together and showcase their traiblazing research and entreprenuership projects.

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- 29 Nov 2017