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MMU Chancellor Officiates e-Mootcourt

On 25th November 2017,Tun Dato' Serl Zaki Tun Azmi; the Former Chief Justice of Malaysia as well as the Chancellor of MMU officiated e-Moot court in an exclusive ceremony held In the MMU Melaka Campus. It was witnessed by Prof. Datuk Dr.Ahmad Rafi Mohamed Eshaq;the President of MMU,Prof. Dr. Hishamuddln Ismail;Vice President of Academic and Internationalization,Dr Mohd Rizal Abdul Razak; Melaka Campus Director and Dr.Guru Dhillon, the Dean of the Faculty of Law.

Thee e-Mootcourt was upgraded to correspond with the latest ICT facilities utilized by the Malaysian courts'In order to give MMU law students direct hands on training on the e-court system.It also represents the University's commitment in providing good quality and up to date legal education and training, and it was Initiated under MMU's i-Universlty Programme which FOL was selected as part of the University's Intelligent ab Project.

The state-of-the-art electronic moot courtroom features four rooms: the Courtroom & Gallery,the Judges' Chamber, the Practice Room and the Sound and Control Chamber. The Courtroom is equipped with video and sound recording facilities to capture mock trials,moots and other act vities that can be edited,stored and reviewed for training purposes. Visualisers, LED televisions and splitters allow for real time presentations of evidence and documents that can be viewed by the judges. counsels and audience in the Gallery simultaneously while keeping the proceedings paperless.

Inconjunctionwith thelaunch,MMU aw Society organised the Grand Analof Law Moot Competition,and It was conductedin Englishand Bahasa Malaysia medium.

We would like to congratulate all the winners of the aw Moot Competition and express our heartfelt gratitude to our Chancellor for launching the e-Mootcourt and also for spending his time to be the judge in the competition.

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