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FOB Welcomes International Exchange Students from Kanagawa University, Japan

On October 1, 2017, the Faculty of Business (FOB) hosted a welcoming ceremony and networking luncheon to welcome a total of 14 international exchange students from Kanagawa University,Japan. The students will undergo a one-year exchange programme in Multimedia University, Melaka. During the welcoming ceremony, the students were accompanied by Prof. Dr. Masahiko Seki and Prof. Dr. Arman Hadi Abdul Manaf. Also present. Prof. Dr. Hishamuddin Ismail, (Vice President of Academic and Internalisation), Dr Zauw iyah Ahmad (Dean,Faculty of Business). representatives from the International Office and Students'Representative Council.

The event was kicked off with insightful and impassioned speeches from the distinguished guests who urged the new international exchange students to seize this golden opportunity to engage with the local students and our vibrant international student community on campus as well as to share their cultural values and principles with others. In response, Prof Dr. Masahiko Seki noted that this ceremony has marked a very significant development for the cooperation between Kanagawa University and Multimedia University as this is the fifth cohort of students coming to Multimedia University,with their numbers increasing from s students in 2013 to 14 students this year. He
added that Kanagawa University is pleased to see their students returning to Japan with a good command of the English language as well as exhibiting strong personal growth during their stint in Malaysia.

The audience were presented with a traditional lapin performance by MMU students,which exuberantly lit up the atmosphere and got the guests to join in the timeless traditional rhythm.The highlight of the event was a special appearance of the MMU Mascot, e-Bee, who entertained and engaged with the audience. The event continued with the presentation of souvenirs to the delegates from Kanagawa University. Dr. Zauwiyah Ahmad also presented bunga telur and dodol as a welcoming token the international exchange students. A networking luncheon that featured traditional Malay cuisine and delicacies provided the new exchange students a taste of the delicious food that they are bound to enjoy during their year-long stay in Melaka.

We wish all the new international exchange students a wonderfultime in Melaka and may this be the beginning of countless fond memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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- 08 Dec 2017