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FOM Welcomes Home Permata Dunia to its Annual Talk Series

On 4th December 2017, Alumni Committee from Faculty of Management (FOM) successfully organised its annual talk series by inviting FOM's prominent and outstanding alumni with its theme "Local and Global Career Experiences Sharing from Permata Dunia''. Most of the alumni were selected on the basis of having local and global working experiences and their ability to secure high posts in big and reputable companies within less than 10 years after graduation.The talk was even more meaningful as the alumni are working in industries dealing with Big Data and Industry 4.0,which is very significant to the current trends in the industry.

The speakers were Ms. Colleen Ong (Director of Group Customer Experience Management,CEO's Office CIMB Berhad), Ms Azreena Azizan (CEO of Thinkdata and Vice President,Strategic Communication and Partnership of YAYASAN PINTAR), Mr Muhammad Saifuddin (Director of Reas Sepakat Enterprise), and Ms Lim Wei Ling (Head of Digital Transformation,Gamuda Berhad).

The speakers emphasisedon the importance onkeeping abreast with Big Data, the Internet of Things (loT)and Industry 4.0 revolutions that are rapidly changing the way business works in automation and cost competitiveness. More importantly,MMU educators and students need to equip themselves with necessary higher order thinking skills such as customer and management driven problem solving, critical thinking and programming skills.The skills are relevant in the current job market that demanded more data scientists, data analysts and data engineers,hence FOM and other faculties cannot work in silo to produce such quality graduates.

Congratulations to the organizing committee for this wonderful event!

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- 22 Dec 2017