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Convergence of Communication Practitioners Forum 2017

The Faculty of Applied Communication organised its inaugural strategic communication forum on 13 Dec 2017. Known as the Convergence of Communication Practitioners Forum 2017,its main aim is to bring together leading communication practitioners from the academia and industry on a common platform to discuss topics that are pertinent to the communication industry today.The forum's main objective is to highlight the ever-increasing and critical need to encourage innovative and creative communication strategies with potential for global reach in contemporary society.

Focusing on the topic "Strategic Communications in the Digital Age': this inaugural forum showcased panelists from the communication industry,namely Datuk Wong Sai Wan (Editor-in-Chief of Malay Mail), Ms Jennifer Kang (Country Head of Corporate Affairs Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad), and Mr Azrani Rustam (Director Corporate Affairs and Communications of Japan Tobacco International Malaysia). FAC's Industrial Advisor, Ms Liz Kamaruddin (Managing Director of FTI Consulting) was the moderator for the forum .

Communication tools today - new media, new social networking sites, new applications - are constantly evolving. As a result of the explosion of digital media environments, strategic communication requires the harnessing of these tools as well as tactics in creating meaningful, purposeful, and effective communication. The audience were exposed to the new realities and challenges of strategic communications in a digital world and the consequences of digital disruption across multiple industries. Apart from that, the forum largely focused on leveraging digital technology to solve problems and managing brand reputations while maximizing on new media outlets, digital publications, and social media to reach targeted audience.

Ultimately, this forum emphasized an inclusive professional and academic forum focusing on strategic communicator's adaptation to the current trends in the communication industry that is becoming increasingly digital in nature.

Thumbs upto FAC for ending 2017 with such an informative and inspiring forum!

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