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MMU Students Participate in China Cultural Exchange Programme

On 22nd October until 1 November 2017, 6 students of Faculty of Applied Communication (FAC) participated in a cultural exchange programme organised by Chengdu Textile College, China in conjunction with the 3rd "Belt and Road" International Culture and Art Week of Sichuan Province.

During the programme, our students took part in an array of activities such as Shu embroidery, dyeing, leather making and seal carving that provided exciting exposure to the Chinese culture. The highlight of the programme was the exhibition and fashion show presented by our students. They exhibited a fusion of traditional and modern Malay costumes. The other participants countries such as Laos, Indonesia, Thailand and Nepal also shared their interesting cultures.

Besides promoting our Malaysian culture, this programme has extended MMU's profile internationally and has provided the students an unforgettable learning experience that fosters lifelong friendship, personal flexibility and intellectual maturity to make decisions and embrace challenges. This integration initiative has enhanced self-confidence and interpersonal skills in our students as well as developed cross cultural and communication skills necessary to function in the globalized world.

We hope that the students gained valuable experience and learnt more about other cultures through this programme.

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- 05 Jan 2018