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MMU Startup 'Sprintla' Receives RM200,00 Investment at GEC2017

On 13th December 2017, Wong Zi Ning, a student from Faculty of Business (FOB), who is also the founder of Sprintla, a startup under Multimedia University Startup Scheme (MMUSS), graduated from University Entrepreneurship Community Summit 2017 (GEC2017).

The University Entrepreneureship Masterclass is a 12-week experiential entrepreneurship learning programme aims at helping to transform the entrepreneurial ambitions of young and aspiring university students into real, meaningful and sustainable ventures. The session were conducted by leading entrepreneurs from Malaysia and selected mentors from the region under the expert guidance of Dash Dhakshinamoorty, an entrepreneurship postgraduate programme alumnus of the University of Cambridge.

The highlight of the graduation ceremony was Sprintla received an investemnt commitment from Sea Unicorn Sdn Bhd, the private investment vehiecle of PIKOM Chairman Mr. Gamesh Kumar Bangah, who is also the Founder and ex-Group Cheif Executive Officer of MOL Global Ptee. Ltd. During his speech, Mr Ganesh emphasised that he and PIKOM Venture Investment Chapter will furnish Sprintla with capital and knowledge.

Sprintla is the first Cloud Printing Network in Malaysia formed by Wong Zi Ning (founder), Chwa Kia Way and Pook Sow Yee. Their cloud technology has eliminated the inconvenience and time consuming of traditional printing for the students. Furthermore, their automation optimises the performance of printing infrastructures to smoothen the business flow.

In addition, with the support of Entrepreneur Development Centre (EDC), Sprintla have successfully integrated their system into booth Multimedia University (MMU) and University of Malaya (UM) by collaborating with the printing vendors in the universities. Nevertheless, their ultimate goal is to provide the service to the working adults and professionals through their Cloud Printing Network. Besides him, there were three MMU participants who were also graduated from the University Entrepreneurship Masterclass. They were Atikah Bt Mohd Zulkifle (QuickC), Diyana Mahad (Habibu) and Hanif Marzuki Mohd Saufi (Eat This!).

Let cherish their outstanding achievements and congratulate them for bringing MMU further recognition in the entrepreneurship endeavours!

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