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YUM Handover Fundraising Cash to Nurul Zulaika Shahrim

On 21 December 2017,YUM handed over a cheque to Ms. Nurul Zulaika Shahrim,MMU student of Foundation in Business,Faculty of Business. She and her father suffered burns when a cooking gas cylinder exploded at Madrasah
Al lrshad Ashraf Al Watniah, Sungai Bakap,Penang on 30 October 2017.

Zulaika and her family were touched by MMU community generosity and expressed their heartfelt appreciation. Zulaika is currently on medical leave for whole trimester.YUM launched the donation drive within MMU community from 17-24 November 2017. Generous staff and students of MMU joined hands to donate and a total of RM7,300.00 was collected for this cause.

A big thank you to MMU staff and students!Your donation will help Zulaika and her father to recover from injuries and lighten their burdens.

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- 06 Feb 2018