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MMU Researchers Win Merit Winner Awards at APICTA 2017

A groupof researchersfrom Centre for e-Health (CeH) was awarded the Merit Winner Award of APICTA International Awards 2017 in Dhaka,Bangladesh on 7 until 10 December 2017. Before that,the same researchers were awarded Merit Winner Award of MSC Malaysia APICTA Awards 2017,which was held on 13 October 2017 in Kuala Lumpur.
The APICTA- Asia PacificICT Alliance,is an alliance of national ICT organisations representing their respective economy to build and enhance a mutual cooperative network to promote ICT,enhance technology innovations,capability and adoption and encourage the development of indigenous ICT solutions for the global market.Thus, APICTA awards is commonly known as the "Oscar of ICT industry in Asia Pacific.

Their project entitled "Multilayer Neural Network for Breast Cancer Classification" was supervised by Ir Prof. Dr.Sim Kok Swee, led by Ting Fung Fung with other two members who were Lim Zheng You and Tan Yen Jun.The team impressed thejudges of the APICTA 2017.

The project employs self-regulated Multilayer Neural Network for breast cancer classification without prior information regarding the medical images.

Together,let's congratulate them for bringing MMU to the global recognition.

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- 06 Feb 2018