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MMU Cenergy Strengthen Ties with Custommedia Sdn Bhd.
A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between MMU Cnergy (Unitele Multimedia Sdn Bhd) with Custommedia Sdn Bhd on the 12th of February 2018;marked a significant development in the acquaintanceship between both organisations which began at Selangor Smart City Conference 2017.

Custommedia, with years of experience in delivering software engineering solutions and services, has presented their trainings and solutions particularly ontheirexpertise in IOT,Middleware and Software Testing. It is hoped that having this collaboration with Custommedia will further enhance the positioning of Cnergy as a key player of IOT industry in the market; and that this partnership will intensify the technology growth, stimulate innovations, enhance talents and accelerate technology as well as mark the milestone of great success for IOT in Malaysia.

The ceremony was attended by Prof. Datuk Dr Ahmad Rafi Mohamed Eshaq, the President & CEO of MMU and Chairman of UMSB. The agreement was signed by Mr Radzuan Razali ,the Chief Executive Officer of MMU energy and Pn Mastura Abu Samah the Chief Executive Officer of Custommedia Sdn Bhd.

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- 05 Mar 2018