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Delightful Bronze from SIRIM Invention, Innovation and Technology Expo

Bronze medal won at SIRIM Innovation and Technology Expo (SI2TE) 2017 is the latest student accomplishment that Multimedia University celebrates.

Tarek Albawab brought home the win after competing in the machines and equipment criteria – higher education category, with the supervision of his lecturer, Umar Nirmal from faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET). The title of the student’s invention is, “A Conceptual Prototype Automated Pin-On-Disc Tribo Machine”.

This invention is thought to be the first of its own, as no one has reported on designing and fabricating of an automated Pin-On-Disc Tribo machine. The design used a robotic gripper to grip the pin specimens and disc specimens from their respective specimens’ holders. The holders and disc specimens are made of plastic; whereby pin specimens are made of rubber.

SI2TE 2017 took place on 18 and 19 April recently and was organized for the first time at Advance materials Research Centre (AMREC Complex). SIRIM Berhad, Kulim, Kedah. The goal was to empower entrepreneurs to transition from scientific discovery to commercial application. It promotes the culture of research and innovation among the industrial players, also the participants from lower and higher education institutions


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- 04 May 2017