Giving is not just about make a donation, it's about making a difference. Contribute for helping others.

    • I Can Offer Internship
      • Need extra assistance? Hire our soon-to-be-graduates to work WITH you! This is a 2-way benefit for you and our students to serve each other.
      • Benefit for Students:
      • (i) You gain valuable industry knowledge
      • (ii) You get your foot in the door at a company in your field
      • (iii) You can develop your professional skills
      • (iv) You may be recruited to work full-time
      • Benefit for Employers:
      • (i) Help with projects or tasks that you’re struggling to complete
      • (ii) Gain brand advocates
      • (iii) Mentorship Opportunities – become a mentor to students even after they have finished their internship
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    • I Want to Hire MMU Graduates
      • Our graduates are all rounded, and they are keen to learn and progress. With our up to date teaching module, they have develop a different outlook and perspective on life and will be able to contribute new, innovative and fresh ideas. Not to mention, they’re likely to be more in touch with current trends, and have different views, which will help to inject a younger voice into your organisation and increase diversity
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    • Entrepreneurship Start Up
      • Early stage in the life cycle of an enterprise where the entrepreneur aims to meet a marketplace by developing a viable business model. EDC start up programme The Entrepreneur Development Centre (EDC) is pleased to announce the opening of MULTIMEDIA UNIVERSITY STARTUP SCHEME (MMUSS) for the year 2018.
      • If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact :
      • Entrepreneur Development Centre,
        Level 1, FCI Building
        Multimedia University
        Office No: 03 8312 5916 / 03 8312 5710
    • I Like to Conduct Career Workshop
      • Those who are looking for work, wanting to enroll in school, or starting a business will benefit from learning from our career workshops! From Personal Grooming to Career Planning and enhancing your skills, we are here to provide you the tools that you need
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    • I Like to Offer Guest Lectures / Speaker
      • Learners of all ages and experience levels are hungry for variety, and seeing a new face in front of the room can liven up the class
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    • Sign Me Up as a Mentor
      • (i) The Alumni Mentorship programme pairs motivated upper-year students and recent graduates with an alumni mentor.
      • (ii) Mentors are established professionals who help students and recent graduates develop skills for the workplace and expand their professional networks.
      • (iii) Mentoring is a great way to stay connected to the MMU community and contribute to the success of current and future MMU alumni.
      • Who Can Be Mentors?
      • Mentors are MMU alumni who are experienced professionals and industry leaders prepared to share their
        knowledge, resources and passion.
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    • Sign Me Up as an Alumni Ambassador
      • Alumni Ambassadors are MMU alumni who have ‘walked’ the walk and most importantly, have been studying in MMU to share their personal experience and encourage prospective students to enroll in MMU.
      • An Alumni Ambassador is a positive and enthusiastic graduate who enjoys motivating and inspiring others and wants to expand his or her network.
      • Ambassador helps to identify and recruit talented prospective students. The MMU Alumni can play an important role in new student recruitment.
      • Ambassador Program participants help prospective students explore their options, and share with them the great opportunities, great academics, great location, and great value that they will find at  MMU
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    • Zakat, Waqf and Endowment (Yayasan Universiti Multimedia -YUM)
      • The Yayasan Universiti Multimedia (YUM) or the Multimedia University (MMU) Foundation aims to provide the best education with the best possible technology to truly worthy students. YUM is established as a non-profit organisation and enjoys tax exemption status in accordance to Section 44(6) of the Income Tax Act 1967.
      • YUM is poised to generate more funds through the support and contribution from noble individuals and corporate organisations. With the funds generated, other than providing financial aids for outstanding and deserving underprivileged students, YUM channels strategically in funding for the education via improvements in teaching and learning facilities and research sponsorships.
      • YUM welcomes pledges of any size from all individuals and corporate organisations alike who share a common vision in supporting the nation’s quest for human capital of distinction to collaborate with us in this noble cause.