Monday , 19 Nov 2018




Forward of Director

Assalamualaikum wbt and Good Day

Dear brothers & sisters of MMU Alumni,

We are pleased to inform that we have now set up MMU Center for Alumni (CfA) in align with the University’s vision and mission. CfA, Alumni Society, Faculties and Centres work hand in hand to support the University in bringing together talent for Inquiry, Inspiration and Innovation.

CfA plays the vital role in maintaining the extended campus community and is committed in bringing the Alumnis together and to stay connected with 1MMU family. We urge all Alumnis to engage closely with Alumni Society and participate in the activities and programmes that are being organized. We are proud and happy to know updates of Alumnis journey in life. We are certainly impressed with your outstanding achievements, magnificent experiences and superb background. We wish everybody the greatest success in life.

In conjunction with MMU’s 20th Anniversary this year, there are many activities and events being lined up in the calendar such as Golf Tournament, Appreciation for Top 10 Notable Alumnis and many more activities by Faculties and Centres. We are also excited to inform that CfA website is in the development stage and will be launched soon. We hope the website brings improvement and benefit to you our members and at the same time bringing you up to date news and information of activities, important events and as well as MMU’s achievement locally and globally.

Our hope is that MMU Society will continue to increase its members, inspire and enthuse all its members and move forward in harmony for the advancement and benefit of its Alumnis.

Feel free to contact us at CfA and share any creative suggestions and comments. Looking forward to connecting with you soon!


Dr. Abdullah Sallehhuddin Bin Abdullah Salim