If you are ever looking for batik ensemble, do visit the instagram of Sri Dewi Batik and Kapten Batik.  Both are run by Permata Dunia Ms. Nik Noor Amira Nik Najib and Mr. Mohamad Ekram Faiz bin Mohamad Suhimin respectively.

Ms Amira is a Permata Dunia of Faculty of Business, with a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) (H.R.M.), Class of 2015 and Mr. Ekram is a Permata Dunia of Faculty of Engineering and Technology, with a degree in Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) Mechanical, Class of 2013.

Their success and passion in promoting batik designs have caught the attention of the media and their stories are published in The Star dated 20 January, 2020.  They aspire to bring batik designs and clothing to greater heights to fit the contemporary needs of batik fans.

All the best Ms. Amira and Mr. Ekram!

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/lifestyle/style/2021/01/20/these-local-designers-are-modernising-traditional-batik

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