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Working in a small company or big company?

Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) brought back an amazing engineer, Ms. Alice Leong, from the fire and gas department of Toyo Engineering Corporation, Malaysia. Currently having 3 years of experience in the industry, the Permata Dunia decided to come back to MMU for an inspiring talk with MMU communities. Interestingly, the title of the event that evening at 3:00p.m. was a question graduates usually ask themselves as soon as they leave campus; “Which company should I work for?”

Our amazing alumni, accompanied by an extraordinary moderator, Ku Haykal, a student from the Faculty of Applied Communication, conducted a great discussion of “From University to Industry: Is It Better to Start in a Small or Big Company?” 

Both agreed that working in Small and Medium or SME companies are worth it to ensure great experience but if an individual fancies rising up in the corporate ladder, then it is better to go big. This is how students should see their career path, that is by recollecting every ability and skills that have been mastered and consider the best way of working. Ms. Alice Leong also reminded female engineers “Don’t make your rival work easier by eliminating yourself earlier” (rephrased) which means that women should have the confidence to work in a male dominated occupation.

It was definitely a memorable sharing and we wish Ms Alice the best of luck for her future endeavors.