FCI invited Ahmad Mifzal for a talk

On 29 July, 2022, Permata Dunia Ahmad Mifzal Bin Mazlan, who graduated with Bachelor of Computer Science from the Faculty of Computer Information (FCI) class of 2021, was invited to give a talk to FCI students. Permata Dunia Ahmad Mifzal shared his experience during his time at MMU and his experience as Associate Application Developer for Accenture Southeast Asia. Ahmad Mifzal talked about the importance for students to explore other programming languages rather than focusing on specific programming languages as companies nowadays tend to prefer programmers with multiple knowledge in programming languages.

Permata Dunia Ahmad Mifzal mentioned that in order to understand more on programming languages, students need to actively ask the lecturers on what they do not understand and also need to work together with other classmates. We would like to thank Permata Dunia Ahmad Mifzal for the excellent sharing with FCI students and we wish all the best to him.