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Tan Sri Zam Meets the Alumni

On 3 October 2017, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Zamzamzairani, the MMU’s Board of Director held a discussion with university’s alumni and academicians at the ‘Chat With Tan Sri Zamzamzairani’ organized by Centre For Alumni, held at Chancellery Building, Cyberjaya campus. He shared his insight on the differences of MMU when they were students and MMU now as in the eyes of staff and academician.

He commented that we show know that the world has changed with existing generation gap, hence, we have to adapt to any changes so that we can go along with the demand of current generation.

According to his perspective, MMU can be an entrepreneurial university because the new generation is different. As the technology evolves and we are moving to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, jobs would not be available as today. We also have to understand and equip our students with needed requirement when they leave university and how they can be successful in the future.

Furthermore, MMU has to train its graduates at least 80%-90% ready to be the entrepreneur, which every subject taught must have an element of entrepreneurship and this can be an example of a needed requirement for the future market. Thus, MMU should continue to be a trendsetter in the higher education industry as our university has always set an exemplary quality standard.

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- 01 Nov 2017