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FCA’s Pioneer Batch of Foundation Students Articulate Johor’s Heritage through Art

Faces of Johor is a community centric venture by the pioneer batch of Foundation students at Faculty of Cinematic Arts that depicts the diversity and distinctive heritage of the people at Johor downtown. The "Faces of Johor" exhibition was held at Art 52 Gallery in conjunction with the JB Arts Festival 2017 from 27 October 2017 to 10 November 2017.

14 FCA Foundation students actively participated in this 2-week art exhibition. Our students journeyed all over Johor and drew inspiration from the different people at cafes, shops and temples that they encountered. The subjects-ranging from a ticket counter clerk to a second generation cafe-owner-each carry with them personal stories, memoirs, modern-day issues that vocalize the different facades that make-up the heartbeat of Johor.

This commendable efforts is the brainchild of FCA's lecturer, Megan Wonowidjoyo with the support of Think City in collaboration with Art 52 Gallery.

Faces of Johor explores the essence of the people in downtown Johor Bahru through 15 contemporary portraits. Each portrait has its unique story to tell that will most certaily astound you with the wealth of culture and traditions that the state of Johor has offer. Apart from that, FCA triumphantly sold 2 art works at the exhibition.\

It gives MMU great pride to see our students taking giant leaps in the community art scene and contribute to the good reputation of MMU FCA as a premiere Cinematic Arts School in Malaysia.

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- 24 Nov 2017