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FOB Organises International Business and Market Requirement Seminar

More than 200 students of the International Business programme attended a seminar entitled "International Business and Market Requirement on 29th August 2017.The seminar was organised by the International Business (IB) unit in CLC0002, Melaka campus. The invited industrial speakers were Mr.Koh Mui Han (CEO of DraVa Apps) and Mr.Saiffil Fariz Md.Yusuff (CEO of Maxxima Health Science Sdn.Bhd.)

With more than 16 years of industrial experience, Mr Koh is well-versed with key roles in global, regional firm and local start up. He has successfully won Post Implementation Review Project for major System Implementation. He has actively coached over 300 corporate managers of different MNC, GLC and PLC based on behavioral assessment analysis to change corporate behavior.

Another speaker was Mr Saiffil Fariz,who is a successful businessman and his company has won several awards such as Fast Moving Companies by SME,Top Golden Brand Product,The Excellent Brand,The Brand Laureate SMEs Best Award Product Branding Wellness Nutritional Supplement 2016 and 2017 and The Golden Europe Award for Quality and Commercial Prestige.

Overall,the participants were exposed to the secret of industry needs especially the market requirement and skill competencies.The speakers shared their valuable experience as top management, and inspired the students with their great advice. The seminar also developed a comprehensive understanding of business functions and human capital needs of International companies among the participants.

Well done to the organising committee!

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- 22 Dec 2017