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The E-Voyage: FET Annual Alumni Dinner

On 9th December 2017, Engineering Society organised the most symbolic and annual event of its own,E-Voyage. With its theme "Unmasking the Future around 80 alumni attended the dinner at the Hatten Hotel, Melaka. Prof. Datuk Dr Ahmad Rafi Mohamed Eshaq was also present. E-Voyage served as a platform for FET's alumni and current students to meet and interact with each other.

During the event, 5 alumni gave their encouraging and wonderful speeches that will help to motivate and inspire the current students. Prof. Datuk Dr Ahmad Rafi also presented awards to the best peer tutors of the year. The event wrapped up with lucky draws,which brought loud cheers by the guests of the event. Earlier on the same day, a discussion session was held between FET and some of its alumni to discuss the current trend in the industry and how the faculty can move forward.

Well done to the organiser!

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- 06 Feb 2018