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Vesbo Malaysia

Vesbo Malaysia was founded in 2015, we proudly present the World’s First Bird Nest Porridge as our Star products. We obtained our Halal certificate since 2016 and nevertheless GMP, Mesti and HACCP certified. Vesbo has covered the market from Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and also China. We also being selected to supply our porridge to Singapore Airlines Scoot.
Our company vision is to provide convenient, healthy, and affordable functional food to all consumers. With food tonic method to helps all hectic life consumer to have a balanced diet.
Vesbo formulated in Korea, with the Food technology to make our product in dehydrated foam to keep the nutrition at the same time easy to reform or make into a meal to consume.

Promotional: What special about Vesbo Bird Nest Porridge?
1 cup of Vesbo = 1 bottle of Collagen drinks, 1 bottle of Bird Nest Drinks & 1 glass of Milk
• Low Calories
• High Protein
• Rich in Collagen
• Best Food replacement choice
• Halal Certified
• Better skin with collagen and Bird Nest
• Better Digestion as warm liquid foam of food intake
• Weight Management as a Food replacement