Dato’ Nicholas Kow Eng Chuan

Nicholas Kow obtained his Bachelor of Law (Hons.) degree in 2008. He is an advocate and solicitor at a law firm he founded. Upon graduation, he chambered at Messrs Ghazi & Lim in Penang, a prestigious law firm, which retained him as an Associate at the firm in the Dispute Resolution Department.

He was then offered a place at renowned T.C. Beirne Law School at the Univesrsity of Queensland, a top 100 World Ranking university of Queensland for his Master of Law degree. His love for Intellectual Property Law made him the sole achiever of a High Distinction in the area of Intellectual Property Law. He obtained a Distinction in the areas Civil Litigation, Mediation and Expert Evidence, respectively.

Nicholas Kow’s area of practice focuses primarily in general litigation, coupled with a variety of other areas including disputes arising under sale of goods, partnerships, company law, commercial law, contract law, medical negligence, intellectual property, construction, bankruptcy and agency law.

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