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Noor Helmi Nong Hadzmi

Noor Helmi Nong Hadzmi holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunication Engineering (2003). He is the Founder of IX Telecom, a communications technology company, one of the top MSC status companies.

Upon graduation Helmi worked at a start-up Telco Company, assisting in managing and operating Telco’s communication network while simultaneously pursuing his Master in Telecommunication Engineering at MMU. He then moved to another start-up airline company, Air Asia, where he built the company’s network and communication infrastructure. He founded IX Group of Companies with his MMU friends, leveraging on the combined knowledge grained in his degrees and experiences of managing a sport club as well as with start-up companies. IX Telecom is now globally known among telecommunications companies and IX Global Services, has service coverage in more than 200 countries worldwide.