Zulakmar Hazwan

Zulakmar Hazwan graduated with a Bachelor of Electronics Engineering (Hons) majoring in Microwave and Communication in 2006. He now runs a company that provides technology engineering services.

In 2010, Zulakmar established InnoCrest as an engineering consultancy business. He introduced Working Knowledge Group for Telecommunication Engineers (WKG) in 2014 and helped Malaysian chartered engineers build their career path and share experience among the members. In 2016, he introduced Creztinno Technophiles to expand the InnoCrest’s scope of operation to offer business consultancy in the aspects of telecommunication. He finds that it is very important for him to have both knowledge and skills in engineering and business administration.

He says the additional exposure to entrepreneurship and management at MMU has taught him how to operate a corporation. Life in MMU developed his leadership and communication skills that helped him to become a technoprenuer.

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