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Vilasiny Gan & Co | 薇拉斯妮与颜法律事务所 or also known as VGCLAW is a boutique law Vilasiny Gan & Co | 薇拉斯妮与颜法律事务所 or also known as VGCLAW is a boutique lawfirm based in Malaysia. We have offices in Petaling Jaya, Selangor and Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. The firm was established in the year 2020 and is managed by our Managing Partner, Mr. Alex Gan Yi Yang (颜奕阳律师). The firm is focused on general litigation, where the firm has vast experience in handling tax, construction, civil fraud, corporate, intellectual property, tort, contract and entertainment litigation. The firm is also active in corporate advisory, where the firm is affiliated with intellectual property advisors, tax and corporate professionals, liquidators, property advisors, compliance officers, company secretaries, and others. It is our strength to advise and assist our clients in matters related to corporate restructuring, takeovers, mergers, and due diligence.

Lim Law Chambers

At Lim Law Chambers, we aimed to provide prompt, professional and effective legal solutions to our clients. As our firm providing legal services in both conveyancing and litigation, we hope to render our professional services to clients from all walks of life.

We provide door-to-door service so that you can sign the legal documents at your place!*
Area of Practices:
Divorce & Family Law
Divorce proceedings
Annulment proceedings
Spousal maintenance
Child support and/or custody
Property division
Settlement and pre-marital agreements
Property & Real Estate
Sale & Purchase Agreement
Tenancy Agreement
Sub-sale transactions
Love & Affections
Residential, Industrial, Shoplots, Raw Land
Real Property Gains Tax, Stamp Duty
Discharge of Charge
Wills, Probate & Estate Administration
Making a Will
Application for Grant of Probate
Application for Letter of Administration
Application for Small Estate Distribution Order
Estate Administration & Distribution
Resealing of Probate & Letter of Administration
Corporate & Commercial
General Contracts
Employment Contracts
Corporate Advisory
Start-up Companies
Letter of Demand
Franchising and Licensing Agreements
Corporate Secretarial Services

Nichcom Go Sdn Bhd journey begins with two brothers who are passionate with Zero Carbon Emission Vehicle. Both brothers has a strong believe that combining the EV Charging Station together with Solar System will remain the energy sustainability for Future Electric Vehicle.

Nichcom Go Sdn Bhd is created to improve the EV Charging infrastructure in Malaysia. We are very excited on the future electric vehicle. We wish to create a Electric Vehicle communities. 

We welcome you to join us and share us about your experience using Electric Vehicle and our Charging Station. 

The rapid growth of mobility is changing our lives. Mobility in a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environment makes it easier for employees to use personal or company issued mobile devices as an extension of your enterprise network and applications.
At the same time, use of cloud solutions is advancing because of its compelling business benefits. Technology services and apps are increasingly being delivered through the cloud and paid-on-demand.
At SYNDES, our focus is on providing mobile and cloud-based solutions. As enterprise mobility (the usage of personal devices and cloud services) becomes an increasing trend with smart companies embracing them in their day to day operations.

RUANG is an event space located in Seksyen 16 Shah Alam, MBSA Hall Section 13, Petaling Jaya and MBSA Convention Centre. RUANG is suitable to host events varies from corporate events like media launches, press conference, fashion show, traning, brainstorming to parties, engagement, solemnization and even weddings.

RUANG was founded by husband and wife team, Zaidi Rafa’i & Syazwani Razali in 2014. Both Zaidi and Syazwani graduated from Multimedia Universiti in Accountancy and Information Technology respectively.

IX Telecom provides Global SD-WAN and Managed Internet and is proudly connected to 300+ service providers, 265+ data centres globally, and 8 main cloud providers.

We currently have offices in Malaysia (HQ), Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the USA, and Myanmar. Make your mark on the global sphere today – tap into
borderless connectivity with IX.

IX is committed to Work-Life Practices (WLPs), an initiative aimed at looking after employee wellness and increase productivity.
Work-life balance is extremely important for the mental health and well being of our employees. As part of our mission and vision, IX aims to be a top telco with world-class employees who have fun! The “fun” element has always been the key factor to the success of IX.

SOLARPRO is Malaysia’s pioneer insurance for the emerging solar PV market in Malaysia. Underwritten by Allianz, this insurance scheme is the brainchild of Samuel Soon Aun, an alumnus of MMU.

SOLARPRO was developed in collaboration with the Malaysian Photovoltaic Industry Association, and SEDA Malaysia and is exclusively distributed by Anora Agency Sdn. Bhd. which is owned by Samuel.

SOLARPRO protects solar PV system owners against the lack of support for common PV system damages faced by residential, commercial & industrial, and large-scale solar PV owners.

For solar PV system owners, SOLARPRO offers comprehensive all-risk coverage with added exclusive benefits such as protection against TNB power surge, damage from rat bites, and cash compensation during system breakdown for loss of income/savings.

SOLARPRO is more than just an insurance scheme for PV owners, it is also an end-to-end insurance solution for PV Service Providers, and PV Investors that includes coverage from system design, shipping, construction/erection, workman compensation, third party liability, and etc.

Hunters International is an integrated HR solutions company. We specialise in Recruitment, HR Consultancy and Services, Payroll Services, and HRIS solutions.

SHAHIR SOLUTIONS (002377404-V) was established in November 2014. SHAHIR SOLUTIONS core business is to provide Web Hosting, Server Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Managed Services, Web Application Development and Google Workspace turnkey solutions.

We have several key clients from Non Government Organisation such as Lembaga Pelindung dan Kebajikan Pengguna Malaysia (LPKPM) and Lembaga Kesedaran Pencegahan Jenayah Malaysia (LKPJM) and from several businesses just name a few.

We have Dedicated Servers that suits for your business needs. In fact, with our Dedicated Servers you may also choose Data Centre location either St Louis, USA and Strasbourg, France. As low from MYR 500.00 per month it’s makes cost effective ways for your business demands.

Our customised Web Based Management Information System (MIS) that suits with clients needs that it’s available to be deployed on our servers or their servers.

We have been approached by clients that needs a MIS which tailored to their requirements, in addition to 24/7 support that is available.

Our approached on developing the preferred system based on the clients requirements that is cost effective and agile.

Data migration services are also available for the clients to migrate the data from the previous system to the new system.

Currently we have a following MIS Solutions:

  1. School/Preschool Management System consists of Human Resources Modules (Payslips, Staff Directory, Daily Attendance Report) and Student Management Modules (Student Records, Invoices, Payments).
  2. HR Management System that consists of Human Resources Modules (Payslips, Staff Directory, Daily Attendance Report).

However, additional modules can be requested to be develop as per customer requirements with a reasonable fees.

Our portfolios consists from the customers from education sectors and private companies.