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Permata Dunia Returns – Mr. Tuan Faisal Azmy Tuan Kob

CNMX1003 12:00 PM

Centre for Alumni (CfA) has initiated a new segment, Permata Dunia Returns as an avenue for alumni to share their knowledge and industrial experience with MMU students. This initiative also helps to build a strong relationship between alumni and their alma mater. 

In this episode of Permata Dunia Returns, Centre for Alumni were having Mr. Tuan Faisal Azmy Tuan Kob, the Chief Growth Officer from Nexagate Sdn Bhd for a sharing session with the Faculty of Engineering (FOE) students. This session was held on 10 April 2023 entitled ‘From Engineering to Creative Growth’.

According to Tuan Faisal, “Growth simply means that you are being continuous to strive and occupy a bigger space. Just like a small tree that needs a bigger pot for it to grow further.”

During the session, Mr. Tuan Faisal discussed his professional background and content related to the topic. Encouraging creative development within the field of engineering can enhance the profession by fostering innovation, fostering collaboration, and making a positive difference in society. Embracing creativity in engineering enables the exploration of possibilities to design solutions that are not only functional but also visually captivating, sustainable, and meaningful to society.

Centre for Alumni are delighted to express our gratitude to Mr. Tuan Faisal for delivering his motivating speech to the students. His insightful and inspiring talk will be particularly beneficial for those who are currently contemplating their next steps to progress in their professional careers or internships.