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“Help Them Report” says president of Humanitarian and Welfare Association

An amazing presentation by Permata Dunia Dr. Nithiya Thiahhan on how to avert children from mistreatment and abuse wrapped up the Legal Talk series co-hosted by Faculty of Law (FOL) and Centre for Alumni (CfA). Dr. Nithiya Thiahhan, who is a graduate of FOL, is a Lawyer and President of the Malaysian Humanitarian and Welfare Association who made her appearance in the three series of Legal Talk. She had touched on various points in providing tips and guidelines in managing the issues.

She reminded everyone that it is important to report child abuse either you are family or friends or even strangers. By reporting, it is the best way to start preventing the child from being further abused in the future. Dr. Nithiya mentioned that when she made a run down approach to schools and universities, she discovered that most children or even secondary school students do not recognize sexual abuse. Finally, Dr. Nithiya urged everyone to educate children on the matter, particularly to youth aged 16 and below.

She vigorously captured the audience interest during the live sharing and ended it with the note of ‘no matter what, we should report child abuse’. The Centre expresses its sincere gratitude to Dr. Nithiya for her admirable sharing in the Legal Talk session and wishes her many more successes in the future.