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JOM SALMON and LADANGKU MAJU Founders Appearance on TV

Jom Salmon owned by husband and wife Permata Dunia has been selected to appear on Bulletin Utama TV3 on December 3, 2020. The special appearance highlighted the couple as technopreneurs in the business of salmon. Mr. Adrian Wong and his wife Siti Nurzaini Yahya are both graduates of Faculty of Computing and Informatics (formerly known as Faculty of Information Technology).Mr. Adrian and Ms. Siti Nurzaini both have a degree in Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) (Information Systems Engineering) from the Faculty of Computing and Informatics, Class of 2002.

Another appearance on television was by Ladangku Maju founder, Mr. Yani Hardinata who is a Permata Dunia from the Faculty of Engineering with a degree in Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Electronics majoring in Microwave and Communications, Class of 2003.  His special appearance was on Assalamualaikum programme on TV Alhijrah on November 27, 2020. He talked about solving the problem of halal food for Muslims in Malaysia and how that quest in problem solving led him towards the poultry business.

Great to see them on television and hope to see more Permata Dunia on TV in 2021!