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Abdul Qayyuum Bin Hamdan

Abdul Qayyuum graduated from MMU with a Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering from the Centre for Diploma Programme, 2009.

He is the founder of Telekung Aleena, the infamous prayer garment for women and has made extraordinary inspiration for youngsters to be goal-oriented. Since 2016, Telekung Aleena has astoundingly expanded and it is now categorised as one of the best brands for women’s prayer outfits in Malaysia. Telekung Aleena lives up to many people’s expectations as they provide the finest prayer garment and prioritises the facial design thus using only high-quality fabric to ensure comfort. 

Abdul Qayyum is well-known for his kindness and generosity. Back in March 2021, he had made a big donation to YUM as a sponsor for Waqf Webinar.