Kelvin Tan Chun Hou

Kelvin Tan Chun Hou, class of 2014 graduated from the Faculty of Management with a Bachelor of Financial Engineering (Honours). His current position is as the General Manager / owner of Ah Ma Ho Liao cafe.

After completing his studies, Kelvin Tan started as a Personal Banker at United Overseas Bank (UOB) then he advanced to the role of Senior Relationship Manager at Bank of China in Singapore. Afterward, he decided to go back to Malaysia and took over Ah Ma Ho Liao café, beginning his business journey in his home country.

Established in 2001, Ah Ma Ho Liao Café captures the essence of a traditional. Noteworthy is the café’s commitment to inclusivity, as it proudly offers a Muslim-friendly environment, ensuring that all patrons can savor its offerings with ease and comfort.

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