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Naven Prasad Rajasegaran

Naven Prasad Rajasegaran graduated from MMU with a Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) (Artificial Intelligence)  in 2019, from the Faculty of Information Science & Technology

Naven currently serves as the CEO & CTO of RedSquare Software an organization that aims to bring Web 3.0 to the masses. His primary focus is to research, develop and find real world use cases for businesses to adopt the next generation of the Internet. He believes that Web 3.0 is the key to an open, transparent and collaborative Internet. Prior to this role, he led RedSquare Technologies, specialising in helping Government clients execute public policy with digital solutions.

Naven’s academic background is in the field of Artificial Intelligence, working on research in the application of AI in Fintech during his time as an undergraduate in Multimedia University. He spends his free time writing, coaching aspiring young developers & automating himself with GPT4.