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Syed Huzaifah Bin Syed Omar

Syed Huzaifah Bin Syed Omar graduated from MMU with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Multimedia (Hons) Virtual Reality in 2008, from the Faculty of Creative Multimedia. He is a certified Multimedia Consultant in Information Technology and Multimedia. He is also listed in the 100 Successful People in Malaysia 2021 by Britishpedia.

He is the CEO and Founder of StudentQR which is formerly known as myFuturity Global. StudentQR provides a platform that uses QR code scanning for student attendance application, which is a real-time student tracking app. Since January 2019, StudentQR has been used by 170,978 students from 2,619 schools and preschools in various countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Canada, USA and Qatar. Syed Huzaifah stated that “StudentQR is about shaping future generations and building values aimed to also transform the younger generation”.