Zikry Kholil

Zikry Kholil graduated from MMU with a Bachelor of Multimedia (Honours) (Virtual Reality) in 2008, from the Faculty of Creative Multimedia. He is a former radio DJ and ice hockey player for the Malaysian National team.

In addition, he is the Cofounder and Chief Communications Officer of Incitement Sdn Bhd, a company dedicated to help others by donating to the needy. Incitement Sdn Bhd provides customizable tools and solutions you need to create and enhance your corporate giving strategy, empower your stakeholders, and support high-impact community projects around the world. He had the chance to be nominated as one of the GenT Honourees and had made a fine introduction in a grand meet with other Honourees of Asia.

Due to his hard work, Zikry has received various awards such as in 2017, ‘The 30 under 40 Young, Inspiring, and Successful Malaysians Award by Malaysian Business Magazine and in 2018, The Brand-Laureate CSR Brand Leadership Award by Super Brand-Laureate. Many of his works have been featured in Forbes, The New Strait Times and CNN.

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