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A series of Instagram live was conducted by the Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM) from 8 June, 2020 until 14 June, 2020, online either at 8 or 9pm during.  The series was a collaboration between FCM teaching staff and alumni of FCM.

The alumni willing to share their expertise were Dr Vimala Perumal (filmmaker and educator) FCM 2004, Mr Saiful Nang (CEO of Saiful Nang Academy) FCM 2001, Mr. Muhamad Syahmi (Alumni & MMU Lecturer)FCM 2014, Ms. Ain Nurina (CEO & Founder of Wallflower Enterprise) FCM 2018, Mr. Abdul Khaliq (Alumni & Creative Director of Unity Technologies)FCM 2008, Mr. Azman Zulkiply (Alumni and Voice-actor), FCM 2007, Usamah Zaid (Alumni, CEO & Founder of Wau Animation) FCM 2006, Firdaus Hashim (Alumni, MMU Lecturer & Co-founder of Mira Digital) FCM 2009, Mr Fihir Omar (Co-Founder of EEE Lab Visual) FCM 2015, Ms. Iman Sarahaisha (Art Coordinator Urbanscapes 2019) FCM 2019, Ms. Chew Win Chen aka Okui Lala (Artist and Cultural Worker) FCM 2013, Mr. Mohd Bostami Ahmad (lecturer and former Design Manager of Proton) FCM  2004, Tan Ai Zheah (Automative Designer for Perodua) FCM 2019, Ms Atiqah Mahmud Hishamuddin (Regional Manager of Steel Case Office Furnitire) FCM 2018, Mr Chiam Kah Wai (Furniture Designer for Artmartrix Technology) FCM 2019 and Deepan a/l Ravisanthiran (Merchandise Designer for Animonsta Studios) FCM 2019.

The contents of the sharing sessions were mainly on how to build a career in the creative industry, become a founder and sustain businesses in the industry. The alumni were willing to share their tips, advices and many more for those planning to follow their footsteps. Those who aspire to become like them were definitely inspired!