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Congratulations to Permata Dunia Mr. Malinga Mbubi Raymond John for having his work selected to be part of a film anthology which has the infamous director of Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse, Peter Ramsey as the executive producer.  Mr Raymond is currently the CEO of Creatures Animation Studio based in Uganda. This news was announced on Disney+ Media & Entertainment Distribution on 17 June 2021. The currently trending Disney+ is known to have various Disney movies and stories that may make time during MCO more fun and exciting.

Mr. Raymond Malinga, an alumnus who graduated from MMU with a Bachelor of Multimedia (hons) in Animation & Visual effects from the Faculty of Creative Multimedia, Class of 2015 had made his first achievement by being the CEO of Creatures Animation studio based in Kampala, Uganda.

Before working at the studio, he worked as an animator, screenwriter and concept developer in Wau Animation Studio and then made his charge to being the CEO of the award winning studio. Creatures Animation Studio is a studio that has earned up to 6 awards nationwide with 12 nominations that made them a noticeable studio throughout the world. With that it had took Disney+ attention in making a first of its kind African Animated Anthology: Kizazi Moto.

The one thing that he could say for these achievements is that he is grateful and followed by “I’m heading to Disney+ Baby!” as to show how excited he is for this achievement and wish to do his best in making a great animation and would like others to have a great moment spending time to know and learn from it.

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