Amir Iskandar hosting Adjunct Professorial Talk: Communicating in Unchartered Waters


Faculty of Applied Communication (FAC) Permata Dunia, Mr. Amir Iskandar, hosted an Adjunct Professorial Talk on Thursday morning, 21 October 2021. Mr.  Amir Iskandar is a recently graduated student of Faculty of Applied Communication, class of 2021, with a degree in Bachelor of Communication (Strategic) who is currently a business Partnership Executive from Blue Duck Tech.

Mr Amir spent the morning discussing communication issues of today with FAC Adjunct Professor, Ms. Liz Kamaruddin who is the Managing Director of FTI Consulting Malaysia. Ms. Liz started the session by delivering a speech on Communicating in Unchartered Waters. The moderator of the day then fluently handled the next session on question and answer, taking in questions from YouTube, Facebook and Google Meet. The questions vary from what communication is in general until what is the future for students who graduate with a communication intelligence background.

It was definitely an inspiring discussion on the importance of communication and continuous learning in the field. A reminder left by the speaker to all students and individuals watching the live session is to always be vigilant of the expanding knowledge that will help not just themselves but also the community.