Congratulations to Permata Dunia Nizam Abd Razak for his newest production from Monsta, “Mechamato Movie”. Nizam Abd Razak is a graduate of the Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM), Class of 2005 with a Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons.) (Film and Animation). He is best known as the creator and director of the Malaysian animated series, BoBoiBoy and one of the co-founders and Managing Director of Animonsta Studios. The movie focuses on how the two protagonists of the series, young Amato and his robot friend MechaBot, meet for the first time following Mechabot’s crash landing on earth together with other evil robots.  The Mechamato movie was promised to fans in 2020 but was delayed. After three years of waiting in anticipation, Monsta’s highly-anticipated film Mechamato Movie screens in cinemas beginning Dec 8 simultaneously in all cinemas. Chief director Nazim Abd Razak believes that the brand has credibility and a good record in bringing Malaysia’s name to the global level.

Congratulations and we wish you all the best!