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Centre of Alumni (CfA) would like to introduce our readers to our successful alumni, Adam Zainal, a filmmaker and graduate from the Faculty of Cinematic Arts in Multimedia University in Johor campus, class of 2018. The aspiring young director loves to tell stories of youth and adolescence. His latest release was the short 25-minute film Kantoi that was released in 2019 on YouTube. The film has also been nominated for the best short film award in the Malaysia International Film Festival and Freedom Film Festival.


Adam Zainal has a passion for telling stories dedicated to the youth and immaturity of young people and their journey through adulthood and maturity. His upcoming movie is also following in the same direction as many of his stories would feature a teenage protagonist and has hinted that the theme would explore the carefreeness of youth.


Initially after graduating from MMU, Adam expressed his concern about being unemployed and jobless. However he remembered the wise words of his lecturer, who said that once he is offered an opportunity he should take it. Thus here he is today, better than ever as his films have been in nominations for awards. Stay tuned for his new upcoming film!