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Centre for Alumni (CfA) would like to introduce you to Multimedia University alumni, Adhira Putra a world renowned motion designer as well as illustrator and graduate of the Faculty of Creative Multimedia. Adhira Putra is well known for his passion in graphic design that includes the retro pop art style that is well reflected in his works. As a child, Adhira Putra loved to draw characters such as Son Goku from the series of Dragon Ball, Astro Boy, Doraemon and the Adventures of Tintin.


In his teenage years, he loved going to bookstores to look at graphic design books and magazines which would later inspire him to take the skill up for himself. At first, he only started to learn graphic design in order to edit his profile picture on the social media platform, Friendster. Later on, he would buy Adobe Photoshop and its tutorial books as the concept of online tutorials were not available at the time.


This passion would later lead him to prolong his studies in Multimedia University of Malaysia where he would later be exposed to the world of motion design. Currently, he is based in Singapore and works full-time for a software company. However at night, he would take on various side projects in the indie music scene.